Alpine Coaster

Wiegand™ Alpine Coaster

The World’s Market Leader in the Mountain Coasters Industry

Alpine Coaster

With over 270 installations, the Wiegand™ Alpine Coaster is the world’s market leader in the Mountain Coaster industry. We create outstanding revenue for our customers and set the standards for future Alpine Coaster installations. Our Alpine Coaster is the only Mountain Coaster that complies with the latest applicable DIN, ISO, ASTM, CSA and CA-OSHA standards.

The ALPINE COASTER appeals to all ages, no skills are required and its fun for the entire family. The ride can be built between 2ft and 30ft above the ground. To heighten the thrill Wiegand’s™ design team adds jumps, waves, and 360′ circles into the track. Rain and snow, no problem, Wiegand’s™ braking system can work in all seasons. 


Stainless Steel rail system for safe and comfortable ride

Low environmental impact

Easy install with low operating and maintenance costs.

Top speed up to 25mph.

All season operations for year-round revenue

Built to the latest applicable ASTM, CSA, DIN, ISO, and CA-OSHA Standards.


Stainless Steel anti-derailment system  

Energy absorbing front and rear buffers

Short stroke brake levers and body guidance bar

Lockable safety belts

Intelligent distance control assist system

You don’t have a mountain or hillside for an Alpine Coaster?

No problem, we have the right product for you.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Home to the first Wiegand Alpine Coaster in North America built in 2005, the coaster continues to be one of the parks leading attraction.