The Fun of the Alpine Coaster experience, Now extended to Any terrain with the All New CoasterKart.

Meet Wiegand’s latest development of interactive coaster rides, that is now bringing the fun 4-season Alpine Coaster experience onto any terrain. The CoasterKart provides a thrilling, rider controlled ride experience for young and old. The rider controls the speed up to 25 mph by using a foot pedal or throttle lever. The Custom- themed vehicles are powered by a frictionless Linear Induction Motor (LIM) that creates a smooth acceleration and braking motion. Our track can be designed to flat or hilly terrain, in-doors or out-doors, with over-passes and tunnels. It is easy to install and has an environmentally friendly foot-print that does not require foundation to support the track.


  • 4 -season operation for year around revenue
  • In-door or out-door
  • Low staffing requirement
  • Double ride layout out for Racing feature
  • Theming options with sound and light
  • Top speed up to 25 mph
  • Low environmental impact


  • Block system with integrated distance control
  • Front and Rear light option
  • DIN, ISO, ASTM compliant
  • Interactive speed control
  • HIMA safety controls

Electrifying Fun For Any Terrain!

Wiegand Sport’s all new CoasterKart!

The latest interactive coaster ride. A 2021 premier, Rowdy Bear.