Wiegand Sports USA is pleased to introduce our New Generation Alpine Coaster™. 

With over 180 installations, the Wiegand Alpine Coaster™ is the world’s market leader in the Mountain Coaster industry, creates outstanding revenue for our customers worldwide and sets the standards for future Alpine Coaster installations.   Our Alpine Coaster™ is the only Mountain Coaster that complies with the latest DIN, ASTM and CSA standards. 

The ALPINE COASTER™ appeals to all ages, no skills are required and its fun for the entire family. The ride can be built between 2ft and 30 ft above the ground. To heighten the thrill Wiegand's design team adds jumps, waves, and 360' circles into the track. Rain and snow, no problem, Wiegand's™ excellent braking system is not effected. Rain bonnets are available on request.